Nilfisk has industry leading ambitions for sustainability and recent efforts are now awarded with the EcoVadis Gold Medal. Thereby Nilfisk places itself in the top 5 per cent of all global companies rated by EcoVadis – and top 4 per cent in their industry.


EcoVadis is considered the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. They assess and continually monitor more than 100.000 global companies’ CSR management and progress. Every year the performance bar is raised, but so are Nilfisk ambitions. The upgrade to the EcoVadis Gold Medal rating marks another step forward for Nilfisk.

The last sustainability assessment of Nilfisk was given in late 2021 where the efforts were rated silver. The recent improvement up to the gold category is mainly driven by environmental efforts.

“It is an important recognition of Nilfisk and everyone throughout the company who have put their efforts into continuously raising the sustainability bar. I am proud that Nilfisk is in the top 5 percent of companies assessed by EcoVadis,” says Malene Thiele, Head of Sustainability at Nilfisk.

A moving target

The EcoVadis Gold Medal marks a milestone for Nilfisk but efforts to keep improving CSR and sustainability across the company continue. The categories Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement will be focus areas to improve going forward.

“Every year EcoVadis raises the bar and nudges our performance even further,”, says Malene Thiele and elaborates on why it is important to Nilfisk to drive further progress and to provide transparency to its customers and business partners:

“We use this trusted and internationally recognized sustainability rating to focus our efforts and to drive action plans. Nilfisk is present in more than 40 countries worldwide and our solutions are being used in over 100 countries, so it is complex to drive progress, and therefore even more satisfying to see the results. It demonstrates that we are on the right path.”

Rising customer demand for ESG ratings

There is increased awareness and demand for documented sustainability progress across societies and markets. Therefore, the EcoVadis Gold Medal is an important achievement for Nilfisk. Camilla Ramby, Nilfisk Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing, CSR and Consumer, says:

“At Nilfisk we are committed to improving the impact we have on the climate, environment, diversity, and human rights. Within the last handful of years, we have really intensified our work because it is a way of delivering value to our customers. We see a rising demand for elaborative insights into our ESG performance and how we can credibly demonstrate our work with sustainability. Therefore, our business strategy 2026 integrates sustainability into its core. Through our Science-Based targets for scope 1, 2, and 3 we are dedicated to reducing the climate impact of our business activities, in particular, the emissions that take place through product usage”
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Facts about EcoVadis

EcoVadis is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. More than 100,000 companies in more than 175 countries across more than 200 industries are assessed by EcoVadis.

The EcoVadis rating comprises 21 indicators across four main themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

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In the 2022 rating Nilfisk scores highest (90 out of 100 points) for its environmental actions including its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi).
This result places Nilfisk among the top 5 percent of all global companies (totaling more than 100,000 companies in more than 175 countries) assessed by EcoVadis. 
Nilfisk belongs to the industry called “Manufacture of special-purpose machinery”. The average score of companies in this industry (totaling 1773 companies) is 44 points, which places Nilfisk among the top 4 percent in its industry and 24 points above industry average.
Read more about Nilfisk Corporate Social Responsibility work here: Corporate Social Responsibility | Nilfisk

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About Nilfisk

Nilfisk was founded in 1906 by the Danish engineer P.A. Fisker. Today the company is a world leading global provider of professional cleaning equipment and services. More than 90 percent of sales are for professionals while the remaining part of the business aimed at consumers cover floorcare equipment, vacuum cleaners, and high-pressure washers.

Nilfisk’s products and services are sold in more than 100 countries and produced at 10 manufacturing sites across the globe. Main facilities are in US, Mexico, Hungary, Italy, and China. A total of 4,900 employees secured a revenue of 994.9 mEUR in 2021. The largest single marked is USA covering 25% of revenue in 2021 followed by Germany (12%), France (11%), UK (5%) and Denmark (5%).

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